What Does GMO Stand For?

What Does GMO Stand For?

The best abbreviation for the acronym GMO is commonly known as Genetically Modified Organism, but they’re several other abbreviations out there you should know about. Another acronym comes to mind is General Medical Officer. Mainly associated with military personnel.
But we want to take most common meaning of GMO, and know what’s the absolute correct meaning of the term.

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is a procedure created by scientist that takes unique organisms, usually plants or animals and have it change or modified to engineer new food

What Does GMO Stand For?

products. Now that gene technology has grown tremendously its the same case with viruses and bacteria.

So in my own words: Pretty much a good 80-90% of Americans are eating cloned food. I just don’t get it! Why would a team of scientist create something like this. In my opinion, it all starts from the produce farmer. Why? Those farmers are looking for cash crops. Basically to enhance the products growth to charge more. Simple!
If you disagree, drop me a line. Love to here your opinion on this matter.
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