Ultimate Quick Guide For Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware or cast iron skillets is considered to be far superior to other types of cookware made from different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or ceramic.

The reason that it is considered so much better than other types is due to cast iron having excellent heat retention properties and doesn’t require much technology to manufacture. Cast Iron goes through a process called seasoning which is used to protect the bare cast iron and is used to create a non-stick surface making it very competitive in comparison to other materials. Cast Iron Skillets are also extremely easy to clean with most people only requiring wiping after use, not scrubbing or scouring like other materials and no need to put them in the dishwasher!

Cast Iron Cookware is growing in popularity due to it being easy to use and clean. To help you to decide on what product that best fits your needs, please keep reading for the ultimate guide for cast iron skillets.

Classica 26cm Square Cast Iron Skillet

Classica 26cm Cast Iron Square Skillet is ideal no matter what your skill level is. Made from quality cast iron construction, the square ribbed base provides maximum contact with the food while letting fats and oils drain away while leaving you with the entire flavor and less of the fat (and calories!). The Classica 26cm Cast Iron Square Skillet is great for grilling all kinds of good and the skillet is pre seasoned with cooking oil allowing you to start using it as soon as you open the box. This heavy duty skillet can be used in the oven or on your stove top. The cast iron retains heat so efficiently that it can also cut down on your energy costs!

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet 26cm

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet is made from heavy cast iron and is extremely versatile as it is ideal for cooking all types of food with the ability to be used in the oven, the stove top and even an open fire – giving you the option to take them camping with you! The Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet comes already seasoned in the foundry so all you need is to rinse it and they are ready for use. Lodge products are made in the USA and with regular re-seasoning can be last longer than a lifetime. You can get some great Lodge Cast-Iron Chef’s Skillets on Amazon for example.


Tramontina Gourmet Enamelled Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron SkilletsTramontina Gourmet Enameled Cast Iron Skillet is excellent for distributing and retaining heat so that no matter what you’re cooking, the food is evenly fried or seared. The matte black porcelain enamel exterior not only offers contemporary styling but also makes the skillet long lasting and easy to clean. You can use the Tramontina Gourmet Enameled Cast Iron Skillet in the oven or stovetop. It features two side pour spouts, making it easy to control the transfer of foods from skillet to plate. The Tramontina Gourmet Enameled Cast Iron Skillet is engineered of heavy gauge cast iron for slow tenderizing of meats and vegetables and the enameled finish is PFOA and PTFE free for healthier cooking.

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

The Staub enameled Cast Iron Skillet is crafted in France, the iron is cast in a single-use mold and the multi-coat enamel is fired at high temperatures ensures outstanding resistance to heat and guarantees a long life in the kitchen. The skillet is chip, scratch, crack and rust resistant and features spouts on the sides for easy pouring of liquids. It can also be used on the stove top or in the oven. The Staub Enameled Cast Iron Skillet comes pre-seasoned so no re-seasoning necessary and the black matte enameled interior ensures natural even heat.

As you can see there are many options available for cast iron cookware available. Despite the different brands and different options, all cast iron cookware has the same amazing features: being made of cast iron ensures excellent heat retention, even cooking and ease of cleaning.

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