Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets Must Haves, For The Lazy

10 Must have kitchen gadgets starting from $10 to $150

Wake up at 9, get off at 5, wake up at 9, and get off at 5: I know it’s monotonous and I only wrote that twice.

But you have to cook dinner when you get home. Your brainstorming, what’s really quick? Or thinking what fast food chain is on route? Put it like this, if you have a well stocked pantry as well as these kitchen gadgets I assembled for you here, you’re going to feel strongly motivated to cook something delicious, filling, and even something healthy for once.

Let’s take a look and get re-familiarize with these 10 kitchen gadgets:

1. It’s not about the best kitchen knife, it’s the right kitchen knife

knife 2

Personally I think you should get this kitchen gadget from your mother. It will be a great idea for your birthday or Christmas. She’ll be thrill to know you’re cooking for yourself and eating somewhat healthy.

I recommend the Wusthof Grand Prix ll Santoku knife, about $110. It has a five inch blade and rugged enough for thicker cuts of meat and hearty veggies, but small enough to maneuver and to sharpen. We don’t want you to feel like you’re in Mortal Kobat. Even lazy chicks can use this for happy hour for cocktails.
The Wusthof Grand Prix II 8-inch Hollow Edge is available online for $74.95

2. Spatula and tongs

I really hope you’re not that lazy that you use a big-ass spoon for everything. Consider purchasing a really good one from Target. About $12-$25. Think about it. It helps with eggs, rice dishes, and cake batters. The tongs can assist on everything else.

3. Garlic Press

3. Buy A Garlic press 

This is a super gadget for any kitchen. Sure there is many to choose from. But, this one here above saves your fingers from getting sticky from the garlic oils. Still crushes the cloves cleanly. Super easy to wash and cool looking. Again check target. I’ll say somewhere around $20-$30.

4. Mixing bowls

Fellas let your woman go nuts here. Let her inner Rachael Ray shine on this one. The reason why I say this, because when you guys are not baking or prepping, you can easily turn around and use them for serving dishes to fruit bowls. I do recommend finding a 5 piece nonstick set. That is microwavable and dishwasher safe. It should set you back $50 bucks.

5. Buy a hand blender

You lazy people are going to love this and it’s going to change your life. Forever! From soups, sauces, mashed potatoes, and smoothies it makes this process a whole lot easier. You’ll never buy that store whipped cream crap ever again. A really good one is around $40.

6. Multitask with a box grater

This kitchen gadget is great. Most cooks actually love it. The 4 sides are for zesting, coarse grating, ribbon cuts and a straight up slicer. Easy grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids. Ribboned carrots for an elegant dinner party. The possibilities are endless. A 4 sided box grater should run you $35.

7. A Dutch oven is a must have

Tag team this with a cast iron skillet you and your stove top are good to go. Pots like this will outlast you. Think about it this way, when you’re slow cooking some type of a meat dish either in a savory soup or sauce it gives you some time to do something else. Try target, $70.

8. An all purpose skillet is a super must have

Alright let’s turn up on this one. A brushed stainless steel skillet literally runs you about $150. But that’s okay!

When your lady friend spends the night. The next morning she happens to notice your Al-Clad (I recommend) steel. Immediately she is impressed. Guaranteed! I’m talking about the skillet here..

Start with 10 inch skillet or so. It’s durable, easy to use. It’s damn awesome!

all purpose skillet


9.  Mini food processor

No wonder you’re lazy. You haven’t found awesome kitchen gadgets like this. I absolutely love this gadget. You can easily do portions of one or two cups instead of 20. Not to mentioned its half the cost of a full sized version. It’s great for salad dressings, hummus if you are into that and some baby food.  I’m telling you, it makes life easy. Checkout a Cuisinart chopper, $65.

10. Finally a colander

Now that your kitchen is 95 percent complete. There’s one more kitchen gadget that is a must have. If you rely on pastas, salads and boiled veggies then a colander would be perfect for you. In the store, by pass the first ones you see in aisle. Select the ones with no slip handles. At least 3 different sizes that come together and make sure you’re looking for sturdiness. I’ll say $25 bucks. Again this can be a fruit bowl or some kind if you don’t use it.

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