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Here’s the deal! Seafood stores online are a lot fresher than buying seafood at your local supermarket. Period!

Seafood - CrabsI’ve done some extensive research on buying seafood in your area and mine as well. I’ve also realized some people live nowhere close to the ocean. Mid America! So here’s my argument and a lot of you might just agree with me.

First of all from experience I used to work in a food distribution center, and I’ve seen what goes on in there. Think about it! Let’s take your local supermarket it has a food distribution center or food warehouse…they all do! They probably get their shipment from various suppliers. But that fact of the matter is those suppliers give them a bulk selections, that’s why supermarkets run specials on them. Whose to say that live stock has been sitting there traveling in those trucks or even trains. Those crustaceans are suffering from various temperature climates. Do you want that?

PLEASE NOTE: I PURCHASED THE CRAB LEGS FROM HERE Canadian Wild Caught Snow Crab Clusters, 10 LB

Here’s another thing to consider, if you’re a seafood lover. You want the best and you want fresh! In most cases in warehouses they are going against time management to make pallet sizes and route runs, because it’s called selecting. I’ll be honest I did it and I didn’t care as long as i’m beating the time, but that’s neither here nor there. Now when I go into my local supermarket those workers behind the counter could care less about those things. Half the damn time they don’t want to touch it!

Like I said I did some research on purchasing seafood online and I came across several online seafood stores just in case if you’re wondering where to buy live crabs online or even lobster. Giovanni’s Fish Market and The Crab Place just to name a few.

Lastly think about this one scenario. Those companies, I mentioned above literally catch them and ship seafood daily. In my opinion that’s a huge selling point. Again, why buy seafood or just lobster lying in that tub with one or two dead floating lobsters in the same tank. That’s horrible! Visit those online companies and order lobster now!


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Buying seafood online
Why you should order seafood online
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