New York style pizza VS Chicago style pizza

Ever since they were first created, the New York style pizza and the Chicago style pizza are two food creations that have dominated the restaurant scene in the United States. Over the years, there have been other pizza styles in the scene, but none of them have been able to rank high in popularity as these two pizza styles.

There are some people who prefer one over the other, as there are some major differences between these two pizza styles. New York style pizza, which is often known as the best pizza NYC, is well-known for containing more mozzarella cheese with less focus on the crust. On the other hand, the Chicago style pizza is basically a pie that is filled with several toppings and thick cheese. You will surely require a fork, an hour, and a napkin to eat one of these pies.

It has been noted that the NYC pizza and Chicago pizza cannot be copied to the ‘T’ in other places in the country. Chefs across the states are not able to match the flavor and texture of the dough made in NYC for the New York style pizza, which is considered by many to be the best New York pizza. The reason for this is that NYC water has a different mineral content than other places. The flavor you get from this dough is due to the reaction water has with its ingredients, which is the reason why other locations in the nation are not able to attain the same flavor and texture of the New York style pizza dough.

New York style pizza has a unique taste due to its basic ingredients: flour, yeast, and water. This pizza style’s varieties are never doughy. Many pizzerias have tried to New York Style Pizzamimic its taste but have not been able to succeed.

The only difference between these two pizza styles is the oil that is used to make them. While the New York style pizza contains oil that pools in the middle of a slice, the Chicago style pie has a more distributed amount of oil.

Choosing between these two types of pizza styles is a difficult decision. Many tourists and travelers opt for the New York style pizza for its unique flavor and for often being referred as the best pizza in NYC, while others like how their hunger quickly subsides for a couple of hours when they eat an entire Chicago style pizza pie. To play it safe, go for both styles!

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