Mogridders, The Best BBQ In NYC? You Gotta Check This Out!

Food Nation NY is very excited to bring you this masterpiece. We traveled to the boogie down Bronx to experience the best BBQ in NYC.

I’ve met up with Greg and Gavin from Mogridders, located in Hunts Point. I arrived there a little after 11 am, temperature perfect and the aroma of smoked meat was in the air. Completely memorized! I was skeptical and a bit timid because this place offers repairs….on cars! That’s right! They have combo specials there all the time. Of course, I was there for the grub. Two minutes in I met Claudia, a local doing her thing on the bbq smoked brisket. I have to admit, I’m bad with names and I really didn’t pay much attention to what she was saying. All she was doing was making me jealous while she was eating a gorgeous piece of meat. In my head I’m thinking to myself I should just snatch it right off her fork, but thank goodness Greg came through with a plate of mine own. I kid you not, it was like Christmas morning!

Mogridders 2

The Best BBQ In NYC

Greg is the man and he didn’t disappoint! He hooked me right up with some collards which has a hot peppery taste them, not over powering, nor watered down. I can dig it! Probably second best I ever had of all time! Next to that was the Mac and cheese. Don’t hate me, but I really didn’t care for them…maybe because I’m lactose intolerant and I know what that does to me afterwards. Laughs! Now Foodies take a look at the picture to the right. Maximize it if you can! The rice and beans is tucked underneath the smoked goods with touches of Mogridders own BBQ sauce. Here’s a heads up, tell them to pour some of that sauce onto the rice. Believe me. Its money is the bag! Next….I don’t even know where to start. Matter in fact; it’s only right to start off with the bbq smoked brisket, which is smoked for about 9- 10 hrs according to Greg. I took my fork to hold it up so I can get a real good look at that bark and feel how tender it is. The juices and bbq sauce is just dripping in a dramatic slow motion pace. Believe me none of that is going to waste. It’s parallel to holy water! Next I want to point out the ribs. OMG! Talk about tender! From the look of it, I knew it was ST. Louis style of ribs. Actually the use their own dry rub seasoning on all of their meats. So once done smoking you’ll get the nice bark texture again with the tender meat… its straight jacket in your mouth! Finally you have the chicken which is Greg’s favorite. He asked me “How come you didn’t like the chicken?” I replied I did with my mouth full! Then Greg said ” If you did, that bone would be clean” and I replied and I swallowed this time, I’m not going eat that way in front of Claudia, knowing I had bbq sauce all over my mouth and hands.

In conclusion I had fun with the guys at Mogridders. Two things I thought of on my departure. One, it would be more crazy if they started their own Iced tea drink, which will compliment the bbq or some type of lemonade. Two, I could’ve used nap!

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