I Love Chickz and I Can Not Lie

chick pzGreetings! I’m the founder of Food Nation NY, and my confession is…..I Love Chicks! I love short little naturally round ones. Sweet and spicy, ones with the sesame crunch to it! Honey roasted, and there’s always that one that always sticks out. That’s Chai vanilla. What? You thought I was actually talking about women. Chick please! I’m talking about “Chick.Pz”

I received a package from “Nuttybeanco.com” about a week ago and now I’m here to describe these gluten free products. I have to admit, roasted chick peas as a snack! Come on! But this little round veggies is a sure thing. I kid you not, when I received these bad boys, immediately I went for the “Sweet and Spicy Chipotles” Why? It’s the Ying and the Yang. Hello! You have two of the flavors competing inside your mouth. Honestly the spice wins this battle. Flawless victory!

Secondly you have the “Honey Roasted” chick peas. Oddly enough it looks like some type of a kid cereal. Kix to be exact! Again you have the Ying and Yang element there, which is spot on. The crunchy texture is paramount! Overall a great roasted rustic smell to them. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say these are best out of the four I’ve tried.

Next is the “Chai Vanilla”. As I mentioned above, this is the one that sticks out. In every group of four, there’s always that one is the vigilante. The David Ruffin. The flavor is original! The taste is lacking something, maybe a hint of cinnamon probably. Definitely in my opinion it needs an extra component there to complement the other flavors.

Finally Sesame Crunch! This is a healthy version of Crunch-N-Munch. Flavors and smell are pretty much identical. Texture is definitely on point. When I first had them in my hands, it’s kind of like I wanted to dip the chick peas in some type of sauce. Visually they look awesome! Taste wise, you’ll be glad you ate them or even the whole bag.

In conclusion, the Nutty Bean Company is crawling with chicks. In addition no added oils, low in fat, high in fiber and a good source of protein. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll see this product in the movies, gyms, schools across the country or even your local fast food joint. If you didn’t know now you know! You’ll be pleased with “Chick.Pz”.

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