Gluten Free Products At Battery Place Markets

Nowadays, making sure that one eats healthy is a very important thing for the well-being of the body. It is quite shocking how food is being manufactured nowadays, as a lot of it is definitely not organic. We are made to eat natural foods and not artificial foods. Our ancestors ate 100% natural edibles and lived many years, but sadly, due to the dangerous chemical induced foods we are eating, this is changing at fast pace. For this matter, shopping in a grocery store that sells natural gluten free products is a must.

If you live in New York City, there are a handful of establishments that sell a lot of different natural gluten free products, but there is one store in particular is that causing a lot of buzz among the community for their grand selection of natural gluten free products, affordable prices, grand coffee selection, and prepared meals, which we decided to review to see if it lives up to the hype that surrounds it: Battery Place Market.

This market can be visited in two different locations. It can be found at 240 Murray and 77 Battery Place. If for some reason you cannot travel to them, they can deliver outside of Battery Park city for just $25.00 USD. It doesn’t matter if you are in search of fresh fruits, beef, cheeses, veggies, or prepared foods, Battery Place Market has you covered.

As soon as you enter into any of their two locations, you will immediately see that the shelves and displays, where the food is placed, are either made out of wood or glass. The natural gluten free products state the farm they come from, which is something that is not seen in other grocery stores. Their grand selection of cheeses is fantastic. Their cheeses come from cheese-makers in Oregon, Indiana, Rhode Island, and many other states. Their bacons come from different states such as New Hampshire and Kentucky. Their coffee from Maine is often mentioned to be one of their best tasty choices.

Battery Place Market is respected in this city for its friendly staff. Their kind staff always goes the extra mile for every one of their customers. They’ll kindly greet you, as soon as you walk through the entrance. If for some reason you are handling a stroller, wheelchair, or etc., one staff member will more than gladly help you get in.

If for some reason you don’t feel like cooking, this market sells prepared foods, at reasonable prices, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Battery Place Market will more than gladly cater to you with their natural gluten free products! You can get the platter that includes grilled chicken paillard, baby arugula, and reggiano for just $12.00 USD. Or, you can opt for the pan seared salmon, baby spinach, and roasted grape tomato platter for only $8.00 USD. Also, there is the pepper crusted filet mignon, satur farm baby romaine, maytag blue cheese, and sherry vinaigrette platter for $12.00 USD. The food options are endless. This place also has potato croquettes, veggie quesadillas, rice balls, organic potato celeriac pancakes, kobe beef chili, free bird buffalo wings, friend organic potato skins, finger sandwiches, grilled Thai shrimp, and the list goes on.

If you are not in the mood of a platter, but are in the mood for something simple to intake such as a coffee, fruit, or smoothie, Battery Place Market has something for you Battery Place Marketstoo. They have a lot of different coffees that you can choose from, such as cappuccino, chai latte, hot chocolate, mocha, café au lait, espresso shot, and iced coffee options, as well. This market also has smoothies that have a combination of different fruits in them. One of the most requested smoothie is the Mango Tango which includes mango, orange juice, pineapple, ice, soy milk or water. You will also find homemade fresh juices of organic lemonade, organic fruit punch, orange juice, carrot juice, and grapefruit juice. Fresh cute assorted fruit are also available of papaya, watermelon, pineapple, mixed fruits, mango, honeydew, and cantaloupe, as well as fage and chobani yogurts. You can easily get your hands on any of the mentioned above for less than $6.00 USD.

As you can tell, Battery Place Market is the place to go when you are in search of natural gluten free products. There isn’t anything negative to say about this establishment. It is simply top-notch when it comes to its appearance, staff, and products. This store definitely lives up to the hype that surrounds it. This market has received great reviews from customers. For this matter, the next time you run out of food or don’t feel like cooking for the day, stop by or call Battery Place Market, as it is more than likely that you will find something that will make you and your stomach very happy.

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