Give Pickles A Second Try And Here’s Why

Give pickles a second try and here’s why. Pickles come in a wide variety of types and flavors such as dill, bread and butter, spicy and cucumbers. You can even get gourmet pickles from a place in Camdenton, Missouri.

Just over a week ago I got two sample bottles from the pantry which received first prize in the Fiery Food Challenge in Texas and was also given coverage in the well-renowned Chili Pepper. The Ozark sweet tangy dill certainly lives up to its name and is very spicy. I was unsure of whether to refrigerate it or consume it straight away. However, I did end up putting it in the fridge which added to the texture and crunch of the pickle. The branding on their website is not complex at all, simply being a green and yellow label. Personally, I feel that branding should be captivating and eye-catching as it is gourmet and perhaps deserves a harder sell. However, they did win something so they must be doing something right.

The second bottle that they had was something that really drew customers in, their tangy dill. I spoke at length with one of their representatives who elucidated that he Ozark Picklesuses them in two Chicago bars, even putting one into a Bloody Mary. I have had the product for just over a week now and it is not soggy in any sense. It has good texture too, not being limp and is constantly tangy. The freshness of the pickle always stays intact even when you open the jar regularly. The vinegar aroma is certainly potent although this is yet another asset of the product. My initial bite was sweet and the dill really gets into your taste buds and gives you an experience to remember as it is quite tangy but also delicate too.


O.P.P. Not the song, but actually a family owned establishment which has been serving customers for over a decade now. However, they do not have any other flavors in the pipeline, they are just concentrating on the four that they have right now. This seems a sensible thing to do as they do very well. The rep told me that they are looking to procure more internet sales but I think that even though it is from the Midwest, they need an East Coast element to their work. I can see this product being used in deli’s, sports bars and the corner Bodegas in NYC, being particularly useful for a Cuban sandwich.

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