FNNY Guide to Beer Keg Refrigerators

Guide to Beer Keg Refrigerators

The use of  beer keg refrigerators offers many benefits over the use of a standard refrigerator. The cost of a refrigerator designed for kegs of beer is around $400. One thing to keep in mind is a keg of beer is larger and more economical than buying beer by the bottle. Another aspect to keep in mind is you have the cost of gas when driving to and from the store. The installation of any standard beer keg refrigerator will be an ideal solution as the beer in the keg can last about two months.

Keg pumps And Other Accessories

There are various keg pumps or keg taps that can be used to tap into any keg of beer. The most popular type of keg tap for beer is the US Sankey Keg Tap. This type of keg pump is primarily used with many types of domestic beers,. If you have a foreign beer or import beer, then a European Sankey Keg Tap is the best option. These are a type of valve that is inserted into the keg. The user needs to pump up a keg by using the lever handle. A foam detector is an accessory for use with a beer keg that ensures the beer line is full at all times to eliminate any beer waste.

How Much Does A Keg Of Beer Cost?

The cost of a keg of beer will depend on many factors. This will include the size of the keg that will be purchased, the amount of the deposit of the keg, and the type of beer. Domestic beers will often have a lower cost than foreign or imported beer. You can expect to pay around $55 for a quarter-barrel keg of most domestic beers and just over $100 for a half-barrel keg of beer.

Beer Keg Sizes, Does It Matter?

There are many types of beer keg sizes that are available. The size of keg you will need will depend on the dimensions of your beer keg refrigerator. Most units will indicate the size of keg in the instructions that are provided. Two sizes of beer kegs are usually available for most types of beer keg refrigerators. There is the quarter-barrel keg and the half-barrel keg. The half-barrel is the most common size that will often be used by a variety of bars and restaurants. However, the quarter-barrel keg is a good option when there you are not in need of a large supply of beer.

Should I know My Keg Dimensions?

You do not necessarily need to know specific keg dimensions, but they can be important when you need to know the exact amount of servings that are available from a particular keg. Beer Keg RefrigeratorsThe quarter-barrel keg is able to provide 55 12-ounce servings of beer. A half-barrel will provide 82 12-ounce servings. You will discover about 5.16 gallons of beer in a quarter-barrel keg and 7.75 gallons in a half-barrel keg. This means that a quarter-barrel keg will hold about almost 1,000 ounces of beer. A half-barrel keg will hold just about 2,000 ounces of beer.

One thing with a keg of beer is the weight. The half-barrel keg is the heaviest and will generally have a weight that will be more than 150 pounds.

What If My Keg Tap Handles Break?

Often keg tap handles that are old or are overused, may become damaged or stripped. This will result in you being unable to operate the beer tap on your keg. If a keg tap handle or knob is too damaged to use correctly, then one option is to replace the entire beer tap. However, this can be expensive and might be unnecessary. You can easily order a threaded fitting for the tap on a beer keg for under $4. The fitting is designed to fit inside the tap handle and to the lever for the faucet. This is an ideal option whenever the faucet tap handle on your beer keg is stripped or broken.

One crucial aspect to keep in mind is the operation of the tap. You do not want to over pump. Many of the beer kegs that are sold today will have a pressure release valve. This will need to be applied to help reduce the pressure in the keg. Open the faucet on the keg and pump until there is a good flow.

The addition of beer keg refrigerators is a great option to complete any bar area in your home. You do not need to worry about accumulating empty bottles or return trips to the store to get beer that is cold.

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