Finally! What Is Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

What’s always all natural, forever handmade, and completely vegan? FNNY. What is gourmet extra virgin olive oil by Tasty World. Correct for five hundred points!

Over the weekend I had so much fun with these oils. A few days earlier, I received 15 bottles such as; EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) w/ Basil, Orange, Garlic, White & black Truffles, Rosemary, and many more. This past weekend, I only used 2 of them.

The first EVOO bottle I used was infused with Garlic. Right away I knew what I was going to do. The plan is getting some family members involved in the process. We’re going to make pizza. Homemade pizza that is. The very first thing I did was have a tablespoon of the EVOO.  I opened the bottle for a quick smell. That smell made my eyebrow raised and created a little smirk with my lips. You can definitely tell the garlic his present but not overbearing. It’s rich, smooth, silky, and the shine is paramount.  At that time, I’m totally confident knowing how I’m going to utilize the oil.

I quickly asked myself. Why not use the oils on every pizza we’re making and go with coordinating Italian flavors. So I grabbed another bottle of EVOO with Basil this time. Incorporating the oils into the pizza dough and also topping when it’s done for an extra infused taste.  I did the same with the garlic earlier and having a tablespoon to taste. tasty world 1I absolutely love the aroma. I also brushed the crust with it to have that nice golden brown look.

According to Tasty World “say good bye to bad tasting supermarket oils”. I’m a true believer on what they are doing and you should be too. However Tasty World is experiencing some challenges ahead. To achieve a broader audience, they’re looking to improve their current machines and other equipment to provide their oils. To get a good look on what they’re trying to accomplish please visit them on KickStarter.

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