Cooking with Marijuana

Cooking with marijuana and/or hemp oil provides various health benefits including the vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function throughout the day. Commonly know for its intoxicating effects, many of the qualities that medicinal marijuana can be used for are over shadowed by decades of misinformation.

Some lesser known marijuana facts are there is no known cases of marijuana overdose, it is not addictive in the same degree as opiate based drugs, and that THC has been declared a non-carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and The U.S. National Toxicology Program. Smoking marijuana, as opposed to incorporating it into food or using hemp oil, is where many of the misconceptions and health concerns arise.

How do we take marijuana from the rolling paper, blunt or bong and put it into the frying pan or sauce pot? Cooking with marijuana is simple. The most common ways to incorporate marijuana into food is by making marijuana butter. After the product is made you can substitute it for regular butter in a variety of recipes.

Marijuana butter is one of the easiest marijuana recipes to master. A good starting point is to obtain between .5 oz – 2 oz of marijuana product depending on its potency. You can use anything from trimmings to kief. If you are using mostly trimmings you will need more product. If you are using kief you will need less product. Pour 2 quarts of water into a pot, add 1 pound of butter and the marijuana. Bring it to a boil and let boil on a medium heat for at least an hour and half. Next pour the liquid through a strainer into a heat proof container. Immediately you will notice the fat from the butter separates from the water. The fat or butter will rise to the top of the container. Squeeze the boiled marijuana in the strainer to get all the liquid out an into the container. Place the container in the fridge overnight and when you wake up inCooking With Marijuana the morning you will notice the fat has risen to the top and solidified. The top layer is what you keep. The water can be discarded.

A simple marijuana recipe that uses the butter is buttered noodles. Sauté your favorite veggies in the butter and toss with pasta. The marijuana will add a delicious nutty flavor. Add a little sea salt, pepper and lemon and take it over the top.

Hemp oil is a non-intoxicating way to add the benefits of the cannabis plant to your diet. Substitute for vegetable oil, olive oil, or grape seed oil in salads or other dishes to enjoy the benefits of adding extra calcium, magnesium, and potassium to your diet without the unhealthy saturated fats.

Medicinal Marijuana has been used for pain management with cancer patients, but cooking with marijuana allows for its preventative medicinal qualities to be used by all.

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