3 Superfoods That Will Give You Incredible Brain Power

During a typical nine to five grind it is challenging to find a source of energy that is going to get you through the day. Mental clarity sets in because of lack of sleep. Focus begins to hobble and it’s not even 3 yet.

What if I told you there are super foods out there that can increase your brain power? Organically speaking. And no it’s not coffee! You probably never heard of them, but it’s my job to describe them and what they can do for you.

cacao CACAO

Basically a dried fermented seed of South America used for cocoa, cocoa butter and chocolate.  In addition, it’s considered healthful super food medicine incorporating over several hundred synthetically compounds. Sadly enough, many of our known products from cacao are raped through various processing methods. A prime example of this is chocolate candy bars with minor amounts of cacao. Then substituted with other ingredients like sugars, coloring, soy, artificial flavorings etc.

A super food like cacao is known to generate antioxidants that might even lower risk of several diseases. Also it has the highest antioxidant capacity than black tea or green tea and red wine.

Reishi or Red Reishi

A.K.A Ling Zhi in Chinese or the “mushroom of immortality” is a super food known to have miraculous health benefits. This Eastern medicine can be taken daily without producing any type of side effects.  If taken daily, it will restore the body to its natural state, enabling the body’s major organs to function in its normal state.

Reishi also serves as an antibacterial and an antioxidant, which battles the oxidation process that kills off cells. The tactic itself is currently being examined for potential cancer growth.


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