10 Food Tips For Healthy Hair

Every part of the body is dependent on a healthy well balanced diet to keep it growing and healthy, your hair is included in this. You could use an expensive salon shampoo and conditioner, but if your diet is poor they will not make a difference. You will learn how to have healthy hair here. Your hair may take longer to show signs of a diet that is lacking the proper nutrients than your skin does, but eventually it will show. The best way to get the nutrients the body needs is through the food we eat. On average the hair grows between one quarter and one half inch a month, the length is noticeably linked to the nutrients it receives. In this article you will learn of some healthy foods to eat for hair growth.

There are some foods better at giving these nutrients than others. Keep in mind the whole body needs to be well fortified in order give us the best performance. Supplements are usually not the best way to provide everything needed to maintain healthy hair. Hair is made up of 97 per cent protein so it only stands to reason that foods for hair growth must contain protein.

A good food tip on how to keep your hair healthy is with this hair mask.

Whisk an egg yolk and mix with half of a mashed avocado, add a spoonful of honey. When it is mixed well massage onto damp clean hair, leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly style as usual. This deep nourishing treatment can be used every 2 weeks to help maintain healthy hair.

Here are some food tips for healthy hair.


Salmon is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These two nutrients make it a necessary food in the maintenance of healthy hair. The hair shaft is made up of about 3 % of the omega-3 fatty acid, it is also found in the cell membrane of the scalp. It is a fact that a healthy scalp is a key factor in healthy beautiful hair.

Oysters Oysters

are found to be rich in zinc which is a powerful antioxidant. A lack of zinc in our diet can lead to hair loss and a dry flaky scalp. Again the scalp is an important part of keeping our hair looking its best. Another important mineral found in oysters is selenium.

Egg Whites

Again protein is vital to hair health and eggs are a great place to get it. Four other minerals are also found in eggs are zinc, selenium, sulfur and iron. Iron is an important 10 tips for healthy hairmineral as it helps to carry oxygen to the hair follicles.

Leafy Green Vegetables

All leafy green vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. They are very rich in iron, calcium, folate and vitamin C and A. These are all necessary for keeping the scalp oils circulating and the hair follicles healthy. Vitamins A and C are used by the body to produce sebum. This oily substance is secreted by the hair follicles and is the body’s natural hair conditioner.

Kidney Beans and Soy Beans

These legumes are full of protein, iron, zinc and biotin. The protein is essential for hair growth and the rest for a healthy head.


Any form of low-fat dairy has a few ingredients that our hair loves. There are also new studies that suggest calcium is linked to hair follicle health. Dairy has a protein which our hair loves in addition to vitamin B5 or (pantothenic acid). The whey and casein found in dairy are both great sources of protein.


Strawberries as well as all berries are very nutrient rich fruits that are loaded with vitamin C. The scalp is dependent on vitamin C to promote circulation in the scalp. The tiny blood vessels that feed the hair follicles also depend on a diet rich in vitamin C.   Boneless Chicken Chicken as well as turkey are a must when it comes to hair health. The high levels of protein are essential to maintaining a healthy hair shaft. The added bonus of zinc, iron and the B vitamins help to keep the hair strands strong and plentiful.   Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Walnut Oil These two oils are necessary to protect the hair from some outside factors. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and vitamin E, these oils help protect our cells from DNA damage. The sun can fade and dry out our hair, oils help prevent this. Walnut oil also has copper which is a mineral that helps hair keep its natural color rich and lustrous.

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